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Morning Caffeine Purple (pack of 4)

185 SEK

Caffeine molecules!

Four birch coasters manufactured in Sweden with an a.r.r.p. original pattern. Use them to protect your tabletops and / or to brighten up a boring table setting. I usually use them in the windowsill under bigger candles, scented candles  and tea candles  .

The diameter of the coster is 9 cm.

Domestic Shipping fee (25 kr Sweden) included in price

Fyra härliga glasunderlägg i björk tillverkade i Sverige med en a.r.r.p. original design. Använd dem för att skydda dina bordsskivor och / eller för att lysa upp en tråkig dukning. Själv brukar jag använda dem i fönsterkarmen under värme-och blockljus

a.r.r.p. is a Design Brand based in Malmö, Sweden, that offers a wide range of interdisciplinary, mostly locally and ethically produced,  design products, ranging from accessories and fashion to wallpaper and home decor.

The physical a.r.r.p. store exist in Malmö at Claesgatan 8 inside Mitt Möllan.

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